Eland & Newborn Calf


John Banovich, Eland with Newborn Calf, Sketch

John Banovich, Eland with Newborn Calf, Framed (Artisan)

Limited Edition Paper Giclée Sketch

Gallery Edition:
• 25 s/n plus 3 Artist Proofs
• Regular Edition: 18" x 24" - $275
• Artist Proof: 18" x 24"- $330
• Frame (Artisan): 24" x 30" - $335

Shipping rates reflect standard shipping for artworks within the United States. For international shipping a Banovich Art representative will be in contact within 24 hours with a customized shipping quote. 

"This baby Eland was born just short hours before I saw this cow and calf the first time in East Africa. The Eland is Africa’s largest antelope and even though this little guy starts life small, he will grow to be over 2000 pounds and able to easily jump over a ten foot fence. They are the super athletes of the African savannah." John Banovich, Artists/Conservationist