Hail to the King Vase


Hand blown and hand engraved fine crystal vase inspired by Banovich's original "Hail to the King."

Limited Edition of 15

9.75"h x 8.5"w

Banovich & Queen Lace


Banovich is highly honored to offer the product of a very unique collaboration, the Banovich Serengeti Crystal Collection. We are proud of the extraordinary detail, craftsmanship and strong heritage of exceptional quality that is found in Queen Lace Crystal. These limited edition heirloom pieces are each one of a kind, featuring hand engraved images inspired by the timeless works of John Banovich.

Queen Lace Crystal is distinguished by its practice of the Renaissance technique of copperwheel engraving. Copper-wheel engraving is considered by many to be one of the rarest, most demanding and most difficult of art forms. The image is carved by hand into the crystal with tiny copper grinding wheels. The scale is small but delight is found in the wealth of details. Every piece of heirloom crystal is hand-held to one of fifty flying copper-wheels as each stroke of the design is engraved by the hand of a master craftsman into the crystal. The few dedicated artists who are qualified to do copper-wheel engraving combine their talent, expertise and discipline of drawing and sculpting to produce some of the most exquisite crystal available in the world.
Custom work available upon request.