In the Fall


20.5" H x 22.5" L x 8" W

Bronze - Edition of 25

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"The Fall is my favorite time of year on our property. 

This is the time of the rut and I’m once again able to observe whitetail bucks roaming around outside my studio.  They seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere, strutting, posturing and chasing the does everywhere.

I am fortunate enough to have the does & fawns around almost every day.   But the mature bucks tend to be very elusive, vanishing into the brushy creeks for most of the year, only revealing themselves in the Fall when their breeding activity makes them throw caution to the wind." - Mick Doellinger

The work of sculptor Mick Doellinger gives life to the animal kingdom, providing audiences a glimpse of an animal’s behavior from the whimsical antics of a donkey to the intense quivering of a dog on point. One not only comprehends a sense of the emotion in that animal, but also can appreciate the balance between the technical anatomy and the loose texture for which Mick’s work is so well known.

Doellinger has lived in the United States since 2003, but grew up in Australia where he gained many of the skills he uses today in his artwork. He started sculpting taxidermy manikins in the late 1970’s and gained international industry recognition for physical accuracy and unique artistry. Doellinger integrates this working knowledge of anatomy and sculpting with a deep understanding of animal behavior and psychology that he gleaned from years of guiding and wildlife management in the Australian outback.

The work of Mick Doellinger communicates his fascinations with nature and art by harmonizing the two in a tradition that has inspired countless artists throughout the centuries. For the past 30 years Mick has honed his sculpting technique and developed a style that has not only become his “voice,” but is a reflection of his artistic process.