Bull of the Woods


John Banovich, Bull of the WoodsUnframed

John Banovich, Bull of the WoodsFramed

John Banovich, Bull of the WoodsFramed

Gallery and Studio Edition Bitter Root Frame

Limited Edition Giclée Canvas
Gallery Edition:
• 175 s/n plus 17 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: 28" x 40" - $975
• Artist Proof: 28" x 40" - $1,170
• Frame (Western Distressed): 36" x 48.5" - $760
• Frame (Bitter Root): 36" x 48" - $750
Studio Edition:
• 75 s/n plus 8 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: 46" x 66" - $2,500
• Artist Proof: 46" x 66" - $3,000
• Frame (Western Distressed): 61.5" x 81.5" - $2,000
• Frame (Bitter Root): 57" x 77" - $1,550
Shipping rates reflect standard shipping for artworks within the United States. For international shipping a Banovich Art representative will be in contact within 24 hours with a customized shipping quote. 

“As with many of my works, the background is kept to a minimum, placing the entire focus on the character of the chosen subject.  A bull moose is North America’s largest ungulate with a mature bull weighing up to 1800 pounds. He is quite a formidable presence during the rut (September) when displaying and protecting his harem from intruders. Virtually afraid of nothing, they can move with lightning speed when charging, which I learned firsthand on several occasions. To emphasize the massive size, I arranged him so that the canvas appears to be unable to contain his huge antlers and body and as if he is peering through the window right at you!“ - John Banovich