John Banovich, ConfrontationUnframed

John Banovich, ConfrontationArtisan Frame

John Banovich, ConfrontationWestern Distressed Frame

Limited Edition Giclée Canvas

Gallery Edition:
• 175 s/n plus 17 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: 28" x 40" - $975
• Artist Proof: 28" x 40" - $1,170
• Frame (Western Distressed): 38" x 50" - $1,020
• Frame (Artisan): 36" x 48" - $1,100

Studio Edition:
• 75 s/n plus 8 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: 46" x 66" - $2,500
• Artist Proof: 46" x 66" - $3,000
• Frame (Western Distressed): 56" x 76" - $1,635
• Frame (Artisan): 56.5" x 76.5" - $2,200

For Unframed or Framed artwork, we will contact you within 24 hours after your purchase is complete to finalize the arrangements for your order due to variables in shipping. We are working to get you the best shipping rate possible.

“Hippos are considered the most dangerous animal in Africa. They are very territorial and have little tolerance for intruders. Spending hours grazing at night on shore, hippos return to the water during the heat of the day with large bulls claiming the best spots. This old bull was kicked out of the main pod and found a small waterhole that he quickly claimed as his own and was not about to let an artist interrupt his plans. What intrigued me the most was the incredible display of teeth providing a wonderful array of color and texture just screaming to be captured in paint.” - John Banovich