Early Moon


John Banovich, Early Moon

Early Moon FramedArtisan Frame

Bitter Root Frame

Limited Edition Giclée Canvas

• 50 s/n plus 5 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: 22"x16" - $875
• Artist Proof: 22"x16"-$1,050 SOLD OUT
• Frame (Artisan): 28"x22"- $875
• Frame (Bitter Root): 30"x24"- $520

For Unframed or Framed artwork, we will contact you within 24 hours after your purchase is complete to finalize the arrangements for your order due to variables in shipping. We are working to get you the best shipping rate possible.

“There is a profound sadness when leaving Africa. Followed by a longing in the soul to return to this very special, wild place. In the last days of an unforgettable Tanzanian safari, I am restless with the regret of my impending departure. As I set out on the last venture, on the last day, under the early moon I was greeted by this picturesque pair of Masai giraffe, almost as if they had come to say goodbye.” ~ John Banovich, Artist/ Conservationist