John Banovich, LionheartUnframed

John Banovich, LionheartWestern Distressed Frame

John Banovich, LionheartWestern Distressed Alternate Frame

Limited Edition Giclée Canvas

Gallery Edition:
• 175 s/n plus 17 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: 40" x 29" - $975
• Artist Proof: 40" x 29" - $1,170
• Frame (Western Distressed): 48" x 37" - $1,050
• Frame (Western Distressed; Alternate): $1,260

Studio Edition:
• 75 s/n plus 8 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: 62" x 45" - $2,500
• Artist Proof: 62" x 45" - $3,000
• Frame (Western Distressed): 70" x 53" - $1,565

For Unframed or Framed artwork, we will contact you within 24 hours after your purchase is complete to finalize the arrangements for your order due to variables in shipping. We are working to get you the best shipping rate possible.

“The lion’s journey from the bush to the palace began very early on as evidenced in the temples of Ancient Egypt.  This sacred beast has been revered as a symbol of all traits humans have come to admire – strength, courage, loyalty and protector. “Lionheart” imitates the beloved king as he has just left the throne and confidently makes his way through his kingdom.  I tried to capture a sense of his massive size and focused the viewer’s attention on the large ‘dinner plate size paws’ as they pad the path.” - John Banovich