Mt. Nyala and Bamboo


Gallery EditionUnframed

John Banovich, Mt. Nyala and BambooFramed

Limited Edition Giclée Canvas

Gallery Edition:
• 75 s/n plus 7 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: 16" x 20" - $525
• Artist Proof: 16" x 20" - $630
• Frame (Western Distressed): 22.5" x 26" - $590

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"The mountain nyala is Africa's most impressive antelope. Found only in Ethiopia at elevations of 8500 feet or higher, this extremely muscular, spiral-horned ungulate is at home in dense Shefflera Forests on heather-covered mountain tops. I found this korso and bamboo forest in the Bale Mountains in an area called Odu Bulu. Nyala bulls seem to have a special affinity for bamboo forests, which can grow to extraordinary heights, making the perfect cover for these shy creatures.” - John Banovich