Peaceable Kingdom


John Banovich, Peaceable KingdomUnframed

John Banovich, Peaceable KingdomAmerica West Gold Frame

Peaceable KingdomArtistbuilt Frame

Limited Edition Giclée Canvas

Gallery Edition:
• 175 s/n plus 17 Artist Proofs
• Regular Edition: 26" x 40" - $975
• Artist Proof: 26" x 40" - $1,170
Frame Options:
• Frame (Artistbuilt): 35" x 49" - $650
• Frame (America West Gold): 33.5" x 47.5" - $710
• Frame (Bitter Root): 35" x 49" - $900


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“East Africa possesses one of the last great wildlife concentrations on earth. In the Serengeti region, over one million wild beasts migrate from the south, north to the Masai Mara in Kenya, and back again in pursuit of rich nutritious grass following the rains. Predators, including lions, benefit as well during this time as prey numbers regionally increase ten-fold. The wildebeest can tell if the lions are in hunting mode or not and behave accordingly, often coming very close to investigate. When the sun finally sets, the lions become active again in pursuit of the great herds under the cloak of darkness.” - John Banovich