Royal Performance


Gallery EditionUnframed

Limited Edition Giclée Canvas

Gallery Edition:
Canvas: 32" x 40"


“The fall season is the beginning of a major transition to the wilderness. This time of year a behavioral shift is occurring in the world of elk and they become totally obsessed with gathering mates and protecting the females from intruding bulls. They can even forget to eat, sometimes resulting in death if they go into the winter in to weaken of a state. This afternoon, I watched a fantastic bull rub his antlers on a pine sapling, leaving his scent on the newly pealed bark. The antics were quite entertaining as he tossed his huge rack around, making short work of this object.

Ironically, this magnificent seven-point bull from Jasper National Park in Canada was killed by a much younger bull from injuries sustained recently in a battle. I felt privileged to have immortalized him in paint.” - John Banovich