Pelican on Parade Maquette


Bronze White Pelican
14"h x 7"w - Edition of 20 

This bronze, beautifully rendered, depicts the grace, beauty and fluid motion of the white pelican in flight. Stefan Savides was honored by the city of Klamath Falls, Oregon which chose this piece as its official symbol. It has been replicated into a seven-foot tall brightly painted polystyrene monument as an art fundraiser to focus attention on the wildlife and birding in the upper Klamath Basin. This dramatic bronze supports the efforts of Klamath Wing Watchers and reflects the majesty of a spectacular bird, an esteemed collectible for an office or home. 

Please call to purchase: 888.486.3160

About Stefan Savides

Banovich Art represents the multi-talented artist, Stefan Savides. Stefan’s life is all about birds. He has never worked a day that he was not recreating birds in one form or another. While taxidermy, a profession in which he has worked his way to the top, earning international acclaim, has been a mainstay for most of his adult life, this multitalented artist, from a young age, has painted, carved and sculpted birds from around the world.

Sculpting in bronze is a natural progression from Savides’ taxidermy, as it provides a lasting expression of his knowledge of avian anatomy and design. Years of intense study, coupled with flair for simplistic design equates to renderings that capture the essence of his subjects in elegant works of art. Stefan’s exquisite work is without the distraction of overbearing detail, brought to life by the hands of a master sculptor. Stefan is truly a multitalented artist who has proven himself in a variety of mediums.

“While it was fifty years of avian taxidermy that fine-tuned my eye for bird anatomy, my artistic sense compelled me to sculpt in a style that omitted so much realistic detail, a factor essential in a mounted bird. As I embarked on my sculpture career, I vowed never to create bronze taxidermy.” -Stefan Savides