Sign of a Worthy Competitor


Limited Gallery Edition Giclée Canvas

• 50 s/n plus 5 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: 25"x 35"- $1500
• Artist Proof: 25"x 35"- $1800
• Frame (Artisan): 31" x 41" - $850

For Unframed or Framed artwork, we will contact you within 24 hours after your purchase is complete to finalize the arrangements for your order due to variables in shipping. We are working to get you the best shipping rate possible.

"The white-tailed deer is an iconic American game animal. There is something so thrilling to witness a
mature buck roaming the forest floor in the early autumn morning light. The seemingly empty forest
suddenly comes alive in these moments of solitude. Spending time in unspoiled nature lifts our
minds, replenishes our spirit and renews our passion for living. This mature buck has gathered a doe and
is on the search for more when he comes across a dropped pair of last year's antlers on the riverbed.
Upon closer examination he discovers this is not your average buck that left these sheds. This buck is
legendary. Suddenly the doe hears something stirring in the leaves. Is it the monster buck who left the
signs of a worthy competitor?” John Banovich, Artist/ Conservationist