“Taking Flight” Commission

I rarely shy away from possibilities. When a Houston couple asked me to create a very special featured painting in the open concept entryway and dining room of their new home, I was excited about developing an idea specific to the space. When I visited the residence I noticed that the room was defined by palette of light columns, ochre plaster walls and a dark, concrete floor, all of which had to harmonize perfectly as the area would serve as a public space to greet and entertain guests. The archway where the painting would be installed allowed for a large work, but it would to be experienced close up and from a distance. A beautiful stone-topped buffet table was situated beneath it, with the dining room table only feet away. When examining the entire painting, the viewer will discover seven species from the animal kingdom: lesser flamingoes, white faced whistling ducks, crowned cranes, waterbuck, Thomson’s gazelle and Grant’s gazelle. All were situated in the scene to reward the viewer when exploring the background as well as to enhance the depth of field. And when guests are seated at dinner discussing the painting, it will, like a lover, reveal new things as long as its admirers continue to contemplate.

Photo Credit: Chinh Phan Photography