The Lions Den

Overlooking a 250 acre estate in Virginia, this large European manor is one-of-a-kind. The homeowners asked Banovich to consider the theme of a “lion’s den,” and to bring this concept to life on their estate. Working with interior designers Paul Sherrill and Jose Solis and famed graphic designer Mike Calkins (, Banovich created an entirely unique and timeless identity for the home, celebrating the spirit and historical significance of the lion. The idea was to understand how people would live in the space and to create an art experience around that concept, engaging the viewer in a subtle, but interactive way. The project allowed Banovich to test his creativity in ways that took his relationships with the subject, the paintings and the clients to an instinctive and energizing level. Working with a dynamic team, they created one of the world’s most unique properties.

Photo Credit: Audrey Hall Photography