Original PaintingsOriginal Sketches

2014-2016 Originals

It is with great pride that we present the most recent original oil paintings by John Banovich. Due to the limited availability of original paintings and a booked commission schedule, originals are typically available through established art auctions and exhibitions or by participating in the annual Banovich For Sale by Draw.


An important foundation for his work, the sketches of John Banovich provide a glimpse into the process of an artist who knows his subject intimately from years of firsthand study and research. Many are completed in the field, providing a basis for future paintings or are completed as works of their own.

Portfolio of Originals

With acrylics and oils, John Banovich shares with us the intimacy and power of the world’s remaining wildlife and wilderness. The African savanna, the dense forests of Southeast Asia and the magnificent peaks of North America’s ranges have provided inspiration for over 700 works of art. Banovich lives what he paints, spending weeks in the remotest places on earth to study the subjects he is so well known for picturing. Banovich's vast portfolio leaves with us the ultimate understanding that as an artist John Banovich has shattered the traditional standards that define Wildlife Art. His paintings are far more than representational art depicting its subject matter. There is an undeniable allure to the beasts within Banovich’s paintings that successfully provide wildlife the platform to transcend both their natural habitats and their artistic genre to find refuge in our contemporary world.