Safari Club International Convention 2008 - John Banovich and RCR owner, Richard Childress, offered a one-of-a-kind NASCAR hood for auction, with proceeds jointly benefiting wildlife conservation. "Inside the Red Zone" graced the hood of driver Kevin Harvick’s #29 racecar, bearing autographs by Banovich, Childress and Harvick – and joyfully celebrated the new 501 (C) 3 Banovich Wildscapes Foundation as a recognized and respected conservationist of the earth’s wildlife and wild places. Sharing common bonds, both lion prides and racing teams struggle together at the most basic level of survival of the fittest. Drawing on underlying, complex social structures, both groups test themselves against intense competition, so that from their numbers, a single, battle-scarred, but most competitive winner ultimately emerges. One single lion will dominate the pride – one singe driver will take the checkered flag before all competitors. Written by Bill Ball, Special Projects Editor, Safari Publications