The “Nature of the Beast” exhibition, comprised solely of Banovich works, was displayed in 2010 at both the Wildlife Experience Museum and Museum of the Southwest, providing the public with a rare opportunity to view a selection of Banovich paintings from mostly private collections assembled together for the first time. Capturing the spirit of wildlife, the collection introduced viewers to unique habitats and offered a glimpse into the secrets of creatures from around the world, resurrecting moments from nature that inspire thought and foster respect for wild places. 

Nature of the Beast
Works by John Banovich
Museum catalog

Banovich’s collection of works exhibited at The Wildlife Experience and Museum of the Southwest are beautifully presented in an 11” x 8-1/2” forty color page catalog.  Narrative text written by the artist describes the origin, intent and other vital information about each work.

‚Äč“I believe all creatures are born with certain beast qualities needed to survive. Our modern human existence often dilutes these original instincts. If we lose them, we lose the beast within ourselves. The beast is about survivability, about sharpened instincts, about understanding the conditions around us. The beast is the beating heart of what it means to be alive.
The pure essence of the beast represents millions of years of evolution witnessed instantly the moment you look into their eyes. As you explore the world of the beast, it is inevitable that at some point you will come face to face with yourself. The journey into the wilderness reveals, through its complicated web, the innate sense we are all connected and that is simply, THE NATURE OF THE BEAST.”  
John Banovich, Artist/Conservationist.