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Montana's only in-house manufacturer of mechanical timepieces, Montana Watch Company is committed to combining the time-honored values of hand craftsmanship and personalized customer service. Collaborative artistic creation has entered the mainstream of cultural expression. The success of such collaborations is dictated by the complementary nature of the project. The union of Banovich Art with the unique timepieces of Montana Watch has created an extraordinary result. Each custom timepiece is individually designed and created to their exact specifications by Jeffrey Nashan, owner and horologist of the Montana Watch Company in Livingston, MT.

Bulino Engraving

Some consider the fine art of hand engraving to be a "lost art". The Montana Watch Company has assembled a team of master engravers skilled in virtually every style of metal engraving, inlay, and gem setting. Western single-point, bright-cutting, fine European scroll, Bulino style wildlife scenes, 24 karat gold inlay, bezel, bead, and flush setting. They perform a wide variety of custom embellishments to personalize your watch, allowing you to make your own personal statement with a unique American timepiece.

High definition Bulino images are created by combining micro dots and dashes with a small hand engraver. The image for each Banovich original watch dial is individually hand rendered and engraved by Master Engraver Christian DeCamillis. The image for each Banovich Collection dial is outlined using Artesa' automated engraving technology and then hand finished int he studio of Master Engraver Diane Scalese.

Custom for client. 18k rose gold case with western bright-cut engraving and pave’ diamonds, 18 karat gold rope and 14 karat gold winding crown.  14 karat gold dial with bulino engraving and 22k gold dial markers protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal. American alligator strap finished with hand engraved buckle. 32mmx44mm case. Swiss movement, ETA cal. 2895-2, self-winding

The "Maneaters of Tsavo" timepiece has taken seven artists more than three years to complete. This piece is truly one-of-a-kind, showcasing a hand sculpted argentium sterling silver case embellished with overlays of gold to mimick acacia thorns. TheDial is hand engraved with a hammer and chisel into a brilliant depiction of the Banovich “Maneaters of Tsvao”. The lions are framed by ivory, further complementing the dial, and the open display back showcases the Swiss movement, also painstakingly engraved. A beautiful tanzanite is set in the solid gold winding crown and the sterling cast buckle is sculpted and overlaid in gold as well. It is finished with a hand crafted leather band carved into the acacia thorn motif and filagreed to show the outstanding gold died snake skin fixed between two pieces of leather. Contact MWC for more information.

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"It is rare that one finds such exquisite craftsmanship, innovative designs, timeless style and a team dedicated to excellence in everything they do. Jeffrey Nashan leads such a team in Montana Watch. I am honored to have my original ideas recreated and enjoyed by so many people through such distinguished timepieces." - John Banovich