The Artist

“Now more than ever, we need to expand the message about the vital importance of the world’s natural places and utilize the forceful role that artists can leverage in the efforts to conserve them. Through my artwork, I hope to move, reveal and inspire people to seek a deeper understanding of the world around us and bring together groups of individuals to unite on a common ground. Our natural world is severely threatened and with this increased pressure, a new paradigm must emerge...artists, conservationists, sportsmen and environmentalists must come together in areas of overlapping interests." – John Banovich

John Banovich (b.1964) is an American contemporary oil painter known internationally for his large, dramatic portrayals of iconic wildlife. Today, Banovich’s work is admired and collected globally by prominent politicians, entertainers, business leaders and art collectors. His work can be found in private collections, corporate offices and museums throughout the world.

Born in Butte, Montana, Banovich emerged as a talent to watch over two decades ago when his paintings were selected as, “Best of Show” for two consecutive years at the Pacific Rim Art Expo, then as the premier showcase for wildlife art in the world. Since then, Banovich’s work has appeared in many prestigious venues, including The National Wildlife Art museum, The Wildlife Experience Art Museum, Museum of the Southwest, The Natural History Museum, The Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s Birds in Art show, The Salmagundi Club, traveling exhibitions sponsored by the Society of Animal Artists and showcases hosted by Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in addition to international venues including; Nature in Art center in Gloucester England and the Cultural Center in Arusha Tanzania. In the press Banovich’s work has been showcased on NBC’s Entertainment Tonight, The Outdoor Channel, Versus, PBS and most recently NBC has written about his dedication to his conservation work and named him an NBC Cause Celebrity.

Throughout Banovich’s professional career he has become a highly sought after & collectable artist. A selection of his finest artworks are featured in an elegant Award winning coffee-table book, “BEAST: The Collected Works of John Banovich.” The year BEAST was released (2009) it landed a spot on the Barnes And Noble Best Seller List. A book signing at The Grove in L.A. was the highest grossing sales event to date at the number one Barnes and Noble Store in the United States. Currently sold out at the publisher, today this $69.95 book has become a collectable with copies selling for $1,300.00 to $3,900.00 on

Besides achieving uncommon popularity among collectors seeking originals and giclée canvas reproductions offered in limited edition, Banovich has tried to be a wildlife art ambassador by using his paintings to raise awareness about imperiled species. He attracted global attention for his unprecedented 10 X 10-foot square, life-sized painting of an African elephant, titled, “Once Upon A Time,” completed with the intent to help draw attention to the growing plague of ivory poaching.

Under the umbrella of the Banovich Wildscapes Foundation, money generated through artwork sales has been channeled back to support grassroots conservation efforts that promote habitat protection, science-based wildlife management and sustainable tourism. Over the years, the foundation and its partners have raised millions of dollars, co-founded two initiatives and works on 11 projects in seven countries.

"His art has a bigger-than-life feel to it that makes it awe inspiring.”  -Paul Tudor Jones, Tudor Investments

"John has the special ability to capture and share his passion and love for Africa through wildlife painting. The connection to each piece, along with his dedication to the protection and preservation of the wildlife and environment is truly spectacular. He is a true advocate for the protection and preservation of African wildlife and land, John Banovich, brings the beauty of Africa to enthusiasts worldwide through his exceptional pieces of wildlife art. I wouldn’t have wanted to be shown Africa by anyone besides John. Having the opportunity to see the land and wildlife with my family by someone so passionate was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I plan on doing every year. To have a painting of the experience makes the memory even more unforgettable."  -Mike Meldman, Founder and CEO, Discovery Land Co.

"John Banovich not only possesses the vision to capture nature on canvas with unmatched insight and skill, he also extends that vision to saving the wild places that mean so much to all of us. He is an unrivaled artist and conservationist and a gift to those who marvel at the man and his art."  -Chris Dorsey, CEO and President, Orion Entertainment

“The painting just reminds me so much of the real thing. It’s the details that count: the wrinkles on the tusk and brow, the clouds of dust rising from the massive feet, the birds scampering to avoid the charge. That’s like the real thing that you would see in Africa.”  -Richard Childress, President/CEO of Richard Childress Racing

“John Banovich has raised the bar for excellence in wildlife art. His work is among the best in the world. When you read his story, it gives you a deeper respect for the man behind the art and enhances an already unparalleled visual experience.”  -Dick and Mary Cabela, Founders, Cabela’s – World’s Foremost Outfitter

“John Banovich has a passion for animals that has driven him beyond most others; his artwork transcends his love and respect for wildlife. In keeping with his commitment to the animal world, he has used his talents to team with many conservation projects around the world through his organization, the Banovich Wildscapes Foundation”  -Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus, Columbus Zoo, TV Host

“It’s perfect. I have always had a vision of what a Banovich painting would look like in this space and he executed it perfectly. We wanted to create something experiential for the Yellowstone Club, and he nailed it.”  -Sam Byrne, CrossHarbor Capital, Co-founder

“As a longtime fan and friend of John Banovich, it was a thrill walking into the Warren Miller Lodge [at the Yellowstone Club] to see after all these years there was finally balance and perfection. The painting sets the tone for the whole club perfectly; better than we could even have imagined. It brought tears to my eyes.”  – Mary Hart, Host of Entertainment Tonight

“John Banovich brings his unique first-hand interpretation of wildlife to each canvas he completes. Having a sincere dedication to preserving those fragile islands of wilderness, his brush awakens an appreciation of what wildlife art is truly all about.” 

-Stuart Johnson, Founder, Settlers West Galleries