Among today’s genre of wildlife artists, John Banovich is regarded as one of the best in his industry, his name standing out among his colleagues worldwide. His prolific career has been covered by numerous publications in recent years. See the following for press coverage and current media.


John Banovich featured in Sporting Classics

December 2015

Sporting Classics, December 2015 "On Location" by Chris Dorsey, CEO/President, Orion Entertainment "Acclaimed artist John Banovich will go to any length—or depth—to gain an intimate view of his wild subjects."

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John Banovich featured in Southwest Art Magazine

June 2015

MY WORLD A VIsit with John Banovich at his studio in Carnation, WA by Bonnie Ganglehoff Southwest Art Magazine, June 2015

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March 3 & 10, 2015

GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY CHANNEL Episode 107-March 3rd, Episode 108 March 10th. Tune in as expert Chris Dorsey and his team of architects, contractors and craftsmen build an outdoorsman's paradise in Colorado. With mountain vistas, a nearby trout stream, and 7,000 square feet of rustic luxury, this Ultimate Sportsman's Lodge includes a home theater, a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen, a dog spa, a wildlife art gallery and more. Guest appearances include Jimmy Kimmel, Jim Belushi, Tom Brokaw and Jeff Foxworthy.

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Western Art & Architecture

February/March 2015

Like a religious revival, Safari Club International summons its faithful to the desert and treats them to a sporting art bonanza unlike any other. This year, Banovich returns to SCI with another epic: a 75- by 50-inch stunner, titled Game of Lions, that functions as a massive window into the savannah of East Africa. As tens of thousands of wildebeest thunder across the plain, two huge male lions dart toward the viewer amid a tangle of hyenas, vultures and Marabou storks.

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Cowboys & Indians

January 2015

John Banovich: The Montana-born artist, conservationist, and storyteller paints to preserve wild animals and the wild places they inhabit.

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NBC Cause Celeb

October 2014

Artist Banovich Is Dedicated To Protecting The Wild In His Wildscapes - NBC Cause Celeb highlights a celebrity’s work on behalf of a specific cause.

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Buenos Aires Argentina SCI Chapter - Safari Express

Spring 2014

An Inspiring Artist - John Banovich is a North American oil painter known internationally for his large representations of wildlife. With more than 700 original oil paintings, he reveals the magnificent creatures and habitats of our world.

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The Outdoor Group, Inc.

February 2014

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Attends 42nd Annual SCI Convention - Featuring John Banovich

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Safari Magazine

Jan/Feb 2014

Art of the Hunt: Maximum Impact - Painter John Banovich, 20 years an SCI favorite, goes big for wildlife art fans in Las Vegas

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Safari Club Convention Daily News

February 8, 2014

Banovich Now and Future - The Banovich booth was packed Thursday afternoon as the renowned wildlife artist and hunter celebrated 20 years of exhibiting at SCI.

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Discovery Life Magazine

Volume VII

The Artist's Touch - Over the imported back bar of Yellowstone Club's Warren Miller Lodge hangs "Cold Air-Deep Powder," a life-size mural of a family of bison in all stages of life, bulls, cows, calves, and young adults, bursting through the snow. Even from 100 feet away, the painting, measuring 8 feet by 16 feet, makes a dramatic statement.

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The Sporting Life Radio Show

November 2013

Celebrity Guest John Banovich | Show Aired November 02, 2013
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Western Art & Architecture

Dec/Jan 2013

In the Studio: Wildlife artist John Banovich teams with architect Jerome Diepenbrock to create an intimate space that works

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Open Fences

Spring 2012

John Banovich: Big Animals, Big Teeth, Big Program

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Sporting Classics

January 2011

Living what he paints: before painting any wild creature, renowned artist John Banovich first sets out to immerse himself in the animal’s world.

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Banovich Travels to China

September 2010

Project Panda: The Global Search for “Chengdu Pambassador”

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Entertainment Tonight

November 2009

Entertainment Tonight, the world's most watched entertainment news program, highlights John's BEAST book signing at the prestigious Barnes & Noble located at The Grove, Los Angeles.
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Cowboys & Indians

June 2009

Artist spotlight: Painter John Banovich John Banovich, a master wildlife artist, attempts to create art that is timeless, ancient, and primitive.

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Western Art & Architecture


Swimming with Giants: Painter John Banovich raises awareness of the connection between hunting and wildlife conservation.

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Pakistan Chronicle

November 2008

Read about Banovich's incredible experience in Pakistan in pursuit of the elusive snow leopard.

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African Wildlife Foundation - Africa Geographic

May 2007

Banovich Wildscapes Foundation PRIDE Initiative

Orion Entertainment, “Dangerous Game” October 2007 Episode

Episode dedicated to the continued education for the important and unique role consumptive utilization plays across non-protected landscapes around the world, featuring artist and conservationist John Banovich.
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Wildlife Art Magazine

January/February 2006

John Banovich: A Multifaceted Artist, Businessman, Conservationist, Philosopher

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The Artist’s Magazine

July/August 2006

Big Game: Artist and Conservationist John Banovich captures animals in their natural habitat – and in actual size.

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Distinctly Montana

Winter 2005-06

Painter of the Big Wild

The Outdoor Channel - Artist John Banovich


A short segment filmed at John Banovich's previous studio in Paradise Valley near Livingston, MT. Produced by Randy Warren for the Outdoor Channel.
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African Sporting Gazette


John Banovich: His Best Keeps Getting Better

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African Wildlife Foundation - Africa Geographic

Fall 2005

Artists for AWF – The Mind’s Eye: John Banovich’s work draws a viewer into the animal’s habitat, capturing the nuances of its personality and mood. No wonder then that he is one of the United States’ most acclaimed wildlife artists.

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Wildscape Magazine, UK

Summer 2005

Banovich - Step by Step


PBS - Journeys of an Artist

July 2004

Hosted by Gene Canning, this PBS segment explores the work and travels of artist, John Banovich.
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