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Banovich Wild Interiors commissions custom work by master artists and designers to create an environment of distinction, refinement and originality, expanding the possibilities of art. Working “beyond the edge of the frame,” we integrate architectural and spatial elements of a room with custom original art. Through special projects, installations, commissions and art consultation, Banovich Wild Interiors can help you bring the drama of the animal kingdom indoors.

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Custom Lighting - Kudu Sconces

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Banovich Art worked to create these beautifuf, specialized exterior wall sconces for a home in Texas. The project transformed from a simple request to a stunning addition to the exterior of the home featuring a kudu motif custom created by Banovich Art. The result became a conversation piece and a unique work of art, exemplary of the phrase "off the edge of the canvas."

"The project was rendered professionally and executed with aplomb. John and Stacey have added elegance to an otherwise ordinary aspect of our life. It is a joy to participate in the creation of such beautiful things." - James Clark

The Lion’s Den

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Overlooking a 250 acre estate in Virginia, this large European manor is one-of-a-kind. The homeowners asked Banovich to consider the theme of a “lion’s den,” and to bring this concept to life on their estate. Working with interior designers Paul Sherrill and Jose Solis and famed graphic designer Mike Calkins (www.mint-usa.com), Banovich created an entirely unique and timeless identity for the home, celebrating the spirit and historical significance of the lion.

Identifying prominent spaces, Banovich created paintings paying reverence to the most admirable lion traits, displayed to enhance the experience and bring the characteristic of the lion to a conscious level. Creating color guides from his paint palette, they collectively chose materials and fabrics that harmonized the interiors. Calkins designed a crest that was inlaid into the marble foyer, sewn into the dining chairs, and cast into the driveway gates, giving the estate an elegant identity. Banovich worked with master sculptor, Mike Barlow, to create two maquettes which later became 9’ stone guardian lions that greeted guests as they rolled up the driveway. With heads cocked slightly inward, the lions share a direct line of sight with approaching visitors.

The idea was to understand how people would live in the space and to create an art experience around that concept, engaging the viewer in a subtle, but interactive way. The project allowed Banovich to test his creativity in ways that took his relationships with the subject, the paintings and the clients to an instinctive and energizing level. Working with a dynamic team, they created one of the world’s most unique properties.

Childress Home

Another of Banovich’s most challenging endeavors was for the North Carolina home of NASCAR legend, winemaker, and conservationist Richard Childress and his wonderful wife, Judy. The couple invited John to create a spatial experience for their great room – a room framed by thirty-foot ceilings – that would redefine wildlife art. Banovich chose a painting he had been carrying in his heart since a young man, a life-sized elephant, something that no artist had ever attempted. The title, “Once Upon a Time” pays reverence to the magnificent tuskers that once roamed the African continent, before the world’s fascination with ivory greatly reduced their numbers.

Directly across from the 10x10 foot canvas, Banovich worked with Childress on plans for an 11x6 foot bas-relief sculpture of a giraffe and acacia tree to be installed above the fireplace mantle. Bas-relief (French for “low relief”) is a method of sculpting which entails carving or etching away the surface of a flat piece of stone or metal. The conception, design, production and installation of this distinct project required the collaboration of several artists and designers. The project first began with a concept sketch by Banovich, which was then translated in clay by master sculptor Mike Barlow. After installation, the final piece was then flanked by two smaller Banovich original oil paintings, also created specifically for the incredible space. The final product was a room perfectly balanced, conveying the greatness and ancient mystique of Africa.

“I have been a fan and follower of John’s work for many years. His works relating to wildlife are so lifelike and detailed that it sometimes feels like they follow as you walk through a room. Judy and I have several of his pieces in our home and we always get compliments on the quality of John’s work when people are visiting.” – Richard Childress, President/CEO of Richard Childress Racing

Other Projects

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Artist John Banovich and Banovich Wild Interiors have worked in many different capacities to meet the needs and wishes of clients who are seeking a unique spatial experience. Many of the projects have begun with Banovich artwork but also incorporate work by many other designers and artists who we greatly admire.

"John has the special ability to capture and share his passion and love for Africa through wildlife painting.  The connection to each piece, along with his dedication to the protection and preservation of the wildlife and environment is truly spectacular.  He is a true advocate for the protection and preservation of African wildlife and land, John Banovich, brings the beauty of Africa to enthusiasts worldwide through his exceptional pieces of wildlife art. I wouldn’t have wanted to be shown Africa by anyone besides John.  Having the opportunity to see the land and wildlife with my family by someone so passionate was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I plan on doing every year. To have a custom painting of the experience makes the memory even more unforgettable." – Mike Meldman, Founder and CEO, Discovery Land Co., September 2013

“John is truly one of the "Masters" of our time. His work gets better with each passing day. My collection from John is diverse. John is much more than a wildlife artist; his work is incredible.” – Steven E. Chancellor, the American Patriot Group

Sculpture by Stefan Savides

"Air Force One" Edition of 16
65" x 33" x 52"


Banovich Art represents the multi-talented artist, Stefan Savides. Stefan’s life is all about birds. He has never worked a day that he was not recreating birds in one form or another. While taxidermy, a profession in which he has worked his way to the top, earning international acclaim, has been a mainstay for most of his adult life, this multitalented artist, from a young age, has painted, carved and sculpted birds from around the world.

Sculpting in bronze is a natural progression from Savides’ taxidermy, as it provides a lasting expression of his knowledge of avian anatomy and design. Years of intense study, coupled with flair for simplistic design equates to renderings that capture the essence of his subjects in elegant works of art. Stefan’s exquisite work is without the distraction of overbearing detail, brought to life by the hands of a master sculptor. Stefan is truly a multitalented artist who has proven himself in a variety of mediums.

“While it was fifty years of avian taxidermy that fine-tuned my eye for bird anatomy, my artistic sense compelled me to sculpt in a style that omitted so much realistic detail, a factor essential in a mounted bird. As I embarked on my sculpture career, I vowed never to create bronze taxidermy.”

Sculpture by Mick Doellinger

"A Quiet Place" Edition of 30
12.5" x 15" x 7.5"


The work of sculptor Mick Doellinger gives life to the animal kingdom, providing audiences a glimpse of an animal’s behavior from the whimsical antics of a donkey to the intense quivering of a dog on point. One not only comprehends a sense of the emotion in that animal, but also can appreciate the balance between the technical anatomy and the loose texture for which Mick’s work is so well known.

Doellinger has lived in the United States since 2003, but grew up in Australia where he gained many of the skills he uses today in his artwork. He started sculpting taxidermy manikins in the late 1970’s and gained international industry recognition for physical accuracy and unique artistry. Doellinger integrates this working knowledge of anatomy and sculpting with a deep understanding of animal behavior and psychology that he gleaned from years of guiding and wildlife management in the Australian outback.

The work of Mick Doellinger communicates his fascinations with nature and art by harmonizing the two in a tradition that has inspired countless artists throughout the centuries. For the past 30 years Mick has honed his sculpting technique and developed a style that has not only become his “voice,” but is a reflection of his artistic process.